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{ arc } review || CRAZED by Edie Harris

Carina Press | January 11, 2016 | Romantic Suspense
Blood Money, book 3


Casey Faraday was a soldier before he was a spy, but family always came first, no matter what.

When a member of the Faraday clan is snatched off the streets and dragged halfway across the world, it’s Casey who follows the kidnappers’ trail to South America. Thrust into the heart of the cartel he barely escaped during an undercover assignment four years earlier, he’s unprepared for the shock awaiting him on Colombian soil.

Ilda Almeida—the only woman to ever tempt Casey into madness, the beautiful wife he’d mourned for years—is very much alive. And keeping a secret that will forever change life as he knows it.

Casey can’t control his hands—or his heart—around Ilda, but neither can he abandon his rescue mission. When cartel violence turns the jungle into a bloodbath, he can only protect one family: his.

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The moment I saw the ARC for this title listed on NetGalley, I requested it. The previous books had gripped me; the Faradays are a clan that I just wanted to know more of. Granted, I sat on BLAMED for a while before picking it up, and read RIPPED mainly to see the issues that would arise when Tobias fell for the woman responsible for Beth's torture. I knew, however, that Casey Faraday's story would be a winner -- pretty much because he's the protective older brother.

I started reading this story right away.

I was not expecting the story I received.

As with the previous books, Edie Harris opens this book with an intriguing, heart-stopping, gut-clenching prologue with a scene that will take place well within the story. The last line of the prologue, though, definitely had me pausing, then frantically reading for more.

Four years ago, Casey was undercover and infiltrated in Pipe's cartel. He'd fallen for the one woman he shouldn't have, but after months of sneaking off with her, she and Casey decided no more secrets. But before everything could come out, she died.

I loved the way Casey loved -- I loved his grief and his sense of loyalty. I enjoyed watching this big man fall, and loved watching him battle for what was right in his mind -- family first always, but there are some thin lines that bring forth questions.

Ilda was such a strong female. She definitely fought battles through the years and made choices to try and better the lives of those she cared most for.

Outside of Ilda and Casey, though, we had more scenes with the entire Faraday clan. What I appreciated most with those scenes was watching how Chandler tried to fit into the family, how Tobias tried to include her, and how Beth still had her resentment. The things that Chandler and Beth have in their closet in regards to one another is not something that can be swept under a rug, and I loved that Edie Harris didn't do that. That is a relationship that cannot be forced, and Chandler becoming part of the family will not erase the past. Both Chandler and Beth are extremely strong women, and I do hope to see them accept one another, fully, at some point.

I also enjoyed the Quinns. While there are plenty of stories to be told with the immediate Faradays, I'm curious if Edie Harris will give the cousins stories too. I would certainly enjoy them, of that I have no doubt.

In the previous book, we got to know Adam as the youngest Faraday boy with a playboy mentality and quick wit -- we get to see more of that here, even though it is heartbreaking. We definitely get a fuller feel for Adam, and that man... My goodness gracious, I love him and have high hopes for his character. He may be the type of guy who uses humor and jokes, but his sense of family and selflessness... Made him so much more endearing.

Hands down, my favorite Faraday story (...but like I said, I have high hopes for Adam).

NOTE: This story can be read as a stand-alone; however, each story builds off the previous and there are items mentioned in this book that happen in the two previous. It is recommended to read the previous books before reading this one.

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