Tuesday, September 29, 2015

review || BOSSY by Kim Linwood

Self-Published | September 24, 2015 | Stepbrother Romance


It’s a dirty job, but someone’s got to do him.

One night only. No promises, no regrets. He was rich, ripped, inked up, and gone in the morning. I didn't even know his name. Not until I read it off the door on my first day at work.

See, I don't do bad boys, I don't do troublemakers and I sure as heck didn't graduate college with a 3.9 GPA by screwing around.

I was never supposed to see him again, but now he's my new boss, as sexy in a suit as he was between my sheets.

And my new stepbrother.

Having him was a slice of Heaven. Working for him could mean selling my soul. But if the devil looks like Declan Riordan, Hell might be worth the burn.

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Bossy is a standalone novel with a happy ending and no cheating.

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Of the stepbrother books I've read these last few months, this was likely my favorite. One, because there wasn't a huge emphasis on the familial relationship -- true, it was part of the reason she received the internship with Deacon and sure, the initial encounter between these two was before they met as soon-to-be step-siblings; and two, because it just flowed well. BOSSY had all the makings of a typical bad boy wants the good girl kind of story.

I loved Deacon's standing up for her in the opening scene, even though he maybe had ulterior motives. His true colors did shine through, though, when she first met him as his intern at the lawfirm he worked at (with his father). He was bossy (mmhm, yep, title), had a colorful language, and he was crass/rude/borderline mean. Beyond it all, though, he wanted the redhead spitfire again, taboo or not.

Claire was a fun female lead. She was strong and feisty, and didn't take crap from anyone, let alone her (now) ex-boyfriend. When she learns who she'll be working for, she's just as shocked as Deacon, but she's quick to hide it with snarky wit and snitty eye rolls. Loved her.

She did have trust issues, but then again, they both had parent issues and being thrown into a family certainly tested many boundaries (literal and figuratively). I truly enjoyed watching Deacon succumb to Claire. Seeing the heart side to him was a welcome contrast to his typical persona.

The whole "I'm screwing my stepbrother" thing only truly irked me once, and that was at the end; beyond that, this was certainly one of my favorite of the taboo genre.

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