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{ arc } review || FALL FAST by Zoe York

Zoe York | September 2, 2015 | Military Romance
SEALs Undone, book 5


just one night...

Navy SEAL Nathan Meyers and recent divorcee (as of an hour ago) Emme Ryan both want a night of escape from their real lives, for very different reasons. A chance meeting and a single drink at an airport bar turns into a night of unexpected fun and pleasure when a freak snow storm keeps them on the ground. But when morning comes, will they stick to the rules they set out at the start of the night?

The first five chapters in this story were first published in the the LOL3 Anthology. It has been expanded significantly for single title release. Join Nathan and Emme for their long-awaited HEA!

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Side note? I did not read their little tryst in the LOL anthology but I'm glad I didn't. I don't know what I would have done with just Nathan and Emme's snowed-in night...

I swear... Each time I pick up a new SEALS UNDONE book, I'm head over heels for the newest couple. "Hands down, favorite Zoe York SEALs couple", or "Move over, Trick/Miles/Cade, your buddy took your spot".

I mean, seriously.

This novella takes place at about the same time the last 4 books happened. In this one, we see Nathan contemplate forever when Trick is proposing to Gaby. And while we don't see Miles and Cade, due to their stories, you know that all of this is happening at the same time.

And. I. Love. It.

Nathan and Emme's story is semi like Miles and Piper's, in the way that they meet one another on a trip. The difference for these two? Nathan and Emme live miles apart -- and I do mean miles.

Shut up and pay attention to the only kisses you might ever get from her...--Nathan

I loved watching their story unfold the way that it did. Zoe uses the great element of time to her advantage with Nathan and Emme's story -- much of their earlier relationship, where they were getting to know one another, was done via email and phone. Between Nathan being on deployments and Emme being a flight attendant, their schedules were tricky to work with but the moment both started thinking of spending time with the other as 'home', aw man...

There was a very real risk that he was over-sentimentalizing their connection. Letting his dreams of Emme fill the gaping hole in his chest.

She might break his heart.

That would have to be okay. It was hers to break.

And in the meantime, he'd do his damnedest to keep it safe for her.--Nathan

Nathan proves again and again what a good guy he is -- from notes with sweet sentiments when she thinks she's walking away forever, to allowing her to take the time she needs to decide if the next step is right for her, to being possessive yet only in a protective sense... He respects her space and when they're together that first time, using nicknames M and Sailor, when he has the opportunity to look at her name -- he chooses not to. Not because he doesn't want to know, but because he respects that wall she put there, and hopes she'll eventually take it down.

...and their proposal? I mentioned it briefly in one of my other reviews this week -- I love how normal it is, how semi-spur-of-the-moment, but how much love these two have between them.

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