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{ arc } review || SEASONED SOPHOMORE by S.G. Lovell

Self-Published | September 1, 2015 | Contemporary Romance
Pole Dance, book 2


Angelina Masterson has heard it all during a lifetime of struggling with her womanly curves, but when pastry chef Edward Daniels criticizes her weight minutes after adding her notch in his bedpost Angie decides enough is enough. The Sophomore level pole dance class at New York’s hip pole dance studio Crystal’s is only one step in her plan to shed the pounds. The second step is to overhaul her diet. Not a problem, now that she has sworn off Edward’s desserts. If only it was as easy to stop craving the man…

When the girl he has fallen hard for suggests that their one-night stand could have been business rather than pleasure, Edward doesn’t think twice about lashing out. He has been burned before and he is not going to let the past repeat itself. If only he wasn’t so desperate to have Angie in his future…

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First moment of honesty (that really has nothing to do with the story itself)? I hate the name Edward. I like different names, and old school English names just don't do it for me. Had I not been invested in this series, his name alone would have been the driving factor to saying 'no' to this book.

...surely I'm not the only one who judges books by the names of the characters...

Or maybe it really is just me.



...I liked this story so much more than the previous. In the first, I didn't grasp the friendship of the girls taking this pole dancing class. Everything felt off and not natural. It just didn't jive (even though I liked Lexa and Jack -- the friendship parts and the class parts simply bored me). And while, yes, I preferred the Edward and Angie parts more than everything else (it is, after all, a romance story...), I found myself enjoying the girls' get-togethers, and the true sense of friendship these girls found within their little group.

I loved how much Edward appreciated Angie's shape -- something that she thought she had confidence about, but when her ex bashes her and she learns things about his true thoughts, she questions what she sees (soap-box moment? 150 is so not fat.... Unless you're 4'11, maybe, but even then...). I loved Edward's quick mouth -- yep, the same one that got him into trouble more than once where Angie was concerned. It showed that he was honest and you could trust what came from him.

Edward is so different from his brothers, so so different but I truly enjoyed reading this story. Some of Angie's fears and issues became annoying at times, and I hated her need to 'get thin quick' just to 'show him' -- but let's be honest... this happens more often than not. I do have to say, though, that the fact Edward doesn't truly acknowledge it.. hit me as odd. An oversight? Him not wanting to say anything for fear she'll flip (again)?

I would have liked a little more length and depth in their story, but as it was, the story was enjoyable. Still totally loving the circling of Molly and Michael. Gah, I can't wait to watch them figure things out.

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