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review || RESCUED BY THE RANGER { blog tour } by Dixie Lee Brown

Avon Impulse | September 9, 2015 | Military/Romantic Suspense


Protecting those in trouble is what Army Ranger Garrett Harding does best. But after helping a feisty redhead toss a couple of losers from her Idaho bar, the woman is anything but grateful for his assistance—in fact, she seems to know him. Worse, she almost certainly hates him.

The only thing Rachel Maguire wants is to send this smart-mouthed, muscled military man packing. She knows Garrett has his own reasons for staying, so when he offers Rachel a deal—two days to prove his worth or he leaves—she reluctantly agrees. Despite wanting to loathe him, Rachel finds herself drawn to his quiet confidence…and the way he fills out a t-shirt.

But when Rachel receives a phone call from the past, everything changes. The stalker who destroyed her life ten years ago is closing in once more. Refusing to put anyone else in harm's way, Rachel hits the road hoping to lure danger away from those she loves. But Garrett won't leave this sexy spitfire to face her stalker alone. He'll do anything to protect her. Even if it means risking his life—and his heart.

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{ about dixie lee brown } .

Dixie Lee Brown lives and writes in Central Oregon, inspired by what she believes is the most gorgeous scenery anywhere. She resides with two dogs and a cat, who make sure she never takes herself too seriously. When she’s not writing, she enjoys reading, movies, and trips to the beach.

{ excerpt } .

The second he pushed one of the swinging doors open and stepped onto the rough plank floor, the skin at the back of his neck began to crawl. He stopped as every muscle in his body tensed, and he slowly removed his dark glasses to give his eyes a chance to adjust to the dim interior. At first glance, the place appeared empty. His gaze leisurely swept the tables to his left, searched the length of the bar—made from a monstrous piece of old-growth pine—and stopped when he zeroed in on a man, a punk really, and a woman sitting at a table to the right of the burnished log. Apart from them, the Cougar Ridge Watering Hole was deserted.

He kept one eye on the couple as he stepped purposefully toward the bar. His gut had twisted into a massive knot, a sure sign something wasn’t right.

The male was a good-sized kid, no more than nineteen or twenty. Long, dirty hair slapped against his collar as his gaze followed Garrett farther into the room. The woman’s shoulder-length red hair framed an attractive face, and bangs, in slight disarray, slanted across her forehead. She sat ramrod straight in her chair, and a glimpse of amazing green eyes grabbed Garrett’s attention when she glanced his way before turning her watchful gaze back to her companion.

The kid gripped one of the woman’s hands, pinning her to the table in an awkward position. They were so clearly not just a boy and girl holding hands. Garrett would lay odds that the pretty redhead couldn’t bear the man’s touch.

So, what was their story? A lover’s spat? He doubted that. A domestic dispute? Something more sinister? Goddammit. Why did he have to walk into the middle of it?

“Bartender around?” Garrett leaned one elbow against the bar and glanced over his shoulder.

“Yes.” The woman was quick to reply and would have jumped to her feet if the jerk beside her hadn’t twisted her arm, forcing her to remain in her chair. A grimace of pain flickered momentarily across her features.

“No,” the guy growled. “There’s no one here but me and Rachel, so you might wanna be goin’.”

{ review } .

There probably isn't a genre out there that I enjoy more than military romance. Ok, ok, hockey (err... sports) is pretty up there too, but I just love those military men -- and their war dogs, too.

The team of Garrett and Cowboy is no exception.

When Garrett and Cowboy are injured on a tour, Garrett does what he can to get Cowboy to come home and retire with him -- not that Garrett's planning on retiring, but he wants the dog who proved to be his best working partner to stay by his side.

I enjoyed Garrett and his need to learn about his mother -- even though he starts the journey for different reasons. It takes a local feisty woman who has a negative taste in her mouth for Amanda's sons to get Garrett to see that perhaps his picture had been flawed.

Rachel was a strong heroine and I very much enjoyed her spunk. From the first meeting, you knew that she wouldn't go down without a fight -- but the slight tremors she tried holding back spoke of a deeper story, and I couldn't wait for it to unfold.

The suspense and action in this story were done well, and the romance was pretty on par, as well. I do think my favorite character was Cowboy though... only because that dog had some tricks -- and while he was super attuned to his master, he learned (quickly) to be receptive to Rachel's feelings, as well.

I'm unsure if there's any thought on this becoming a series, but I'd love to see more of Garrett's brother, Luke. Surely, that can happen..!

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