Monday, May 9, 2016

review || PUSHING HER LUCK { release blast } by Audra North

Self-Published | May 9, 2016 | Contemporary Romance
Lucky in Love, book 1


He says she’s a nuisance. She thinks he’s a jerk. Together they might be the perfect match.

Riordan Faraday is about to reach his breaking point. He’s got art classes to teach, a needy mum to care for, and most importantly, a painting to finish. But without time or inspiration, he hasn’t been able to paint a thing and it’s driving him mad. So when a silly American girl shows up on his doorstep with a wild proposal, he shoots her down perhaps a bit more harshly than she deserves…but it’s for the best. He can’t afford any more distractions at the moment, especially not beautiful brown-eyed ones.

Samantha Meyer—Sam, to her friends—is on a mission to find her late grandmother’s necklace. The long-lost piece of jewelry is the only thing she has left of Gram and Sam is determined to see that dream fulfilled before she returns home to New Jersey and takes up the reins of the family business. But she wasn’t counting on a sexy, surly painter to stand in her way.

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What first struck me with this book was that all of Riordan's thoughts? I could hear his Irish tilt. Even without knowing he lived in Ireland, the way the words were laid out was that of someone with an Irish tongue, so good work, Ms. North!

After I was coming off my accent-high, we meet thousand-words-a-minute, Sam. She's come from America to ask if she can dig up his garden (only to later find out a garden is actually a yard) to look for a necklace that has been a family story for years and years.

I have to say, Sam certainly came across as naive and young when we, and Riordan, first met her, but it was her enthusiasm that ended up making her such a lovable character. When I see Riordan and Sam's bickering, I think of Leap Year -- fun with just enough simmering energy for the reader to know there is so much more under the surface.

Their banter is certainly what had the pages turning, and then it was Riordan and his semi-relationship with James that sealed the deal for me on this man. Definitely a fun, funny, story, and I cannot wait for the remaining books in the series!

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