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{ arc } review || CONFLICTED by Ruby Black

Self-Published | May 10, 2016 | New Adult Contemporary
Lucas & Lacey, book 1


She’s the only one I’ve ever needed and the only one I’ll never have.

The only problem is…she’s my best friend.

I’ve always felt the connection, but I just can’t go there. Not with her. She deserves better than what I can offer her. So I drown myself in women and booze, certain I’m doing the right thing, keeping her at a distance.

Or so I thought.

When Lacey tells me about the internship she’s scored with a hotshot criminal attorney, I’m happy for her. This could make her career. If anyone deserves success, it’s her.

Then I learn who her new ‘mentor’ is.

My father.

Now, the secrets I’ve been keeping may cost me the very friendship I’ve been trying to protect.
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While it's not truly advertised as a 'series', this is part one of Lucas and Lacey's story -- there's at least one other part coming out in the future. That said, please be advised -- while this story does end solidly, there are still questions and possibilities that need to be cleared up, things that even Lacey states in her monologue at the end.

That all said...

Ruby Black is new to the New Adult world, and I think she will fit in nicely here. In her first book, we have two individuals with family issues, who find solace in one another -- even if Lucas will never take his friendship with Lacey farther than he has, and Lacey is comfortable in the friend-zone. Both have trust issues to an extent, and love isn't something they've seen too many positive examples of. Lacey is all Lucas has in the world, and Lucas is the one person who accepts Lacey for who she is, and supports her along the way.

When Lacey is chosen for a lucrative internship, only to later learn her mentor is Lucas's father... things start to get dicey.

Here are takeaways...

I did not like Aaron -- at all. Dirty old man...

Lacey... I felt that if her friendship meant what it did with Lucas, she should have thought things through a little bit more.

Lucas... his hurt burrowed deeply; while I don't expect him to forgive and forget, I think being cordial would at least be a step in the adult direction.

I didn't agree with thought processes that our leads had; their young ages certainly were evident (so KUDOS, Ms. Black, for properly writing them to their ages). I ended the book a bit upset with Lacey, and am curious to see how the rest of their story is going to play out -- Lucas's trust issues haven't really reached through to Lacey (a bit here, but his friendship with her ultimately wins out) but I'm afraid of the damage Lacey is able to do where Lucas is concerned.

The next book is properly titled Consequences, so we shall see what it brings!

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