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review || NO PROMISES { blog tour } by N. Raines

Nona Raines LLC | January 15, 2016 | New Adult Romance


A new adult romance by multi published author Nona Raines writing as N. Raines

She never met a stray she didn't love…

In high school, Sam Pennywell had a massive crush on Rick Russo. But he was her cousin’s boyfriend and strictly off-limits. Meeting Rick again years later, she can hardly recognize the man he’s become.

As a paramedic, Rick’s career is all about helping others. But in the line of duty, he’s become one of the injured. He’s caught in a dark place he can’t escape on his own. He can't make Sam any promises of love. Promises are too easily broken.

Sam spends her life taking care of sick and homeless animals. She's never met a stray she didn't love, and Rick is the most important rescue she'll ever make.

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N. Raines (who also writes as Nona Raines) is a former librarian who lives in upstate New York with her many pets. She’s currently working on her next novel between walking the dog and shooing the cats off the laptop. Her erotic romances are published with The Wild Rose Press and Loose Id. Her transgender romance His Kind of Woman was nominated for the 2014 DABWAHA sponsored by the Dear Author and Smart Bitches, Trashy Books review blogs. Her most recent work is the romance novella Write to Me and the transgender romance Her Kind of Man.

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This was a very typical new adult romance -- equal parts sweet and easy, with just enough drama to keep it real. I loved the slight history our two leads have, and watching as Rick comes out of a semi-dark place and learn to accept that some promises can and will be kept, made this a lovable story.

While did have a slight history, Sam and Rick truly did not know one another -- they simply had her cousin in common. And because of her cousin, Sam (younger than the two) spent a little bit of time with them in high school. So that's essentially the extent of said history.

I felt that Sam was very true to her age. Her characterization was consistent -- her fears, her insecurities, as well as her so-called familial obligations. Rick, however... I felt his insecurities and emotions were consistent (and the piece of his past that made him the way he currently is, gosh -- that was well written; having worked with those situations, it was definitely written well) but there were definitely points where I felt his dialogue and actions in particular read more as a young adult-type book than a new adult. But as a whole, Rick and Sam's journey was a cute one to read.

This was an easily read story. It wasn't difficult and didn't really delve too deeply into much. Parts were predictable and while I said that Rick's thoughts mostly read younger than his age, there were parts throughout that didn't quite live up to twenty-somethings to me. Add that to Sam's thinking "NBD" rather than "no big deal"... Granted, occasionally I may think "lol" but generally I personally don't think in text-speak.

My favorite scene would have to be the entire Big Boy scare -- in that scene alone, the emotion, the adrenaline, and the need to allow someone to care... Everything in both Rick's and Sam's lives come around to that particular moment, bringing both of their fears to light and forcing them to make decisions with their future.

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  1. Thanks for hosting today, Mignon! This sounds like a character driven, sweet read!

  2. Hi Mignon, thank you so much for taking time to read and review No Promises. I'm glad you enjoyed the story.