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review || KISSED BY A SEAL by Zoe York

Kindle Worlds | January 26, 2016 | Military Romance
SEALS Undone, as part of the Hope Falls Kindle World


Julie Collins is done with men, and their super slimy ways.

Lt. Jason Steyner has given up on finding the right woman—at least until he gets out of the military.

But when the curvy flight attendant and the hunky Navy SEAL meet late one night, the attraction is immediate. And complicated. Can they find a way to keep each other in their lives? Will they realize what they have before it’s too late?

— —

Kissed by a SEAL is a standalone novella in the Hope Falls Kindle World. It connects to Snowed In, a Hope Falls novel by Melanie Shawn (where you first meet Julie), and Fall Away and Fall Fast, two SEALs Undone novellas by Zoe York (where you first meet Jason). It can be read on its own.

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I love these Kindle worlds where authors bring their characters into the world of another author, and in this case the authors are bringing their characters to Hope Falls. 

Zoe York's full-length stories are absolutely great, but my goodness, the woman can write a novella. She has figured out a formula that works -- the storylines rarely feel rushed, the love rarely feels instant, and you leave the story feeling good. They always feel real.

As with all of her SEAL books, this one was quick, and while Jason may not be one we've read about a ton, he has made an appearance. In a previous SEALS UNDONE book, we met Jason (best friend of Nathan). Nathan and Jason are best friends, and upon a meeting, Jason meets Nathan's fiancee, Emme, and her friend (another flight attendant) Julie. Julie has sworn off men, and Jason is convinced there isn't a woman out there that will understand his life right now, so watching these two as the attraction boils and the chemistry sizzles, yet still fighting what they (think they) want to hold on to... It was a fun story.

To help with the whole insta-love thing from happening, we get a time jump or two, and with it we see some really cute Jason moments. This big bad SEAL certainly has his cute, lovable times. I loved that our characters had to work to be with one another -- he was a SEAL after all.

I would have really loved to see this story longer -- I obviously understand why it was not. I didn't leave the book feeling like I was missing anything, I just didn't want to give these two up! I wanted to know more of their pasts and I wanted to see more of their future.

A great read for the Zoe York SEALS UNDONE fan, but also a really great read for the reader who doesn't know Zoe York's style. This little piece will certainly whet the appetite and have you wanting to read her other works.

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