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review || CAN'T FORGET HER by Molly McLain

Kindle Worlds | January 26, 2016 | Contemporary Romance
River Bend, as part of the Hope Falls Kindle World


Ryan Croft has three goals—enjoy his Tahoe vacation, figure out why the hell he’s so restless and, once and for all, forget about the woman who broke his heart nine years ago.

Rosemary Shaw has three goals, too—do the best job she can for her movie-star boss, settle into Hope Falls as quickly as possible and, at long last, come to terms with her past.

Running into each other after all this time? Not the plan. Feeling the same sizzle and spark after all this time? Not on the agenda, either, but since when does anything in life go as planned?

The chemistry between these former lovers is undeniable. Then again, so is the guilt and broken trust.

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I love River Bend... It's a series that grew on me (CAN'T HOLD BACK was my first, and it wasn't my favorite) pretty quickly, because after my first not-favorable view, I met Tony and Nicole alongside the world and I LOVED them.

And so my obsession with Molly and her River Bend people began.

Second-chance romances always have the ability to warm the heart. My biggest issue with them typically revolves around the ages of the characters and how long they've been apart. Picking up where you left off ten years ago is one thing when you were sixteen and quite another when you were twenty-two. While only a few years difference in those numbers, there's a wealth of maturity in those years.

Ryan and Rosemary were together for three years during their late teens/early twenties, but without a word, everything just... Stopped. Originally hailing from River Bend, they re-meet by (semi-)chance in Hope Falls nine years later when he and some guy friends go to consult on a job, a job that Ryan's Rosie, who now goes by her given name, happens to be at.

Fate f---ing sucked.

So did Will. And Ryan's mother, too, for that matter, because if it hadn't been for her "do the right thing" speech before he'd left River Bend, he would've never ended up here today. Staring at herin some mega-movie star's home...

Their re-attraction is hot and fast, but Molly wrote it in a way that both characters were well aware of the speed. It was talked about at length between the two, giving the reader a sense of satisfaction that this wasn't just a pick-up romance, as if the years of growth each had did not happen.

Definitely a cute edition to the River Bend world, but also to this Hope Falls Kindle World. The only chapter that I personally thought felt off was chapter two -- it just didn't seem to fit or really give much meat to the story. But beyond that, the writing was flawless and these were two characters that were so easy to fall for.

...and the end was satisfying for this epilogue reader, too.

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