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review || SIX GUNS

Six Guns vol. 1 by Sara V. Zook

Publisher: Self-Published (1/9/2015)
Series: Six Guns
Genre: Romantic Suspense, Organized Crime
Source: Author, through IndieSage PR
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Rating: ★★★★1/2

Circumstance tends to bend our lives, sometimes in a direction of discomfort. Nicky Cain thought the favor he owed was a one time thing. Even a gun feels foreign in his hand. But now he’s been offered a new sports car, a beautiful home and a name for himself in the City of Haven. Having being raised with nothing, Nicky finds himself in the midst of temptations hard to turn down. All he has to do is toughen up his conscience and not question what he’s been told to do. He’s getting in too deep, and the circumstances keep presenting themselves including a beautiful woman who captivates his heart. Haven is sucking him in and becoming too much like a home. Nicky Cain has to face the fact that sometimes you don’t choose the mob life, the life chooses you.

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I must confess...

When I first opened this book, I was a bit taken aback... This book did not match the synopsis I had read when choosing this book, and while I'm sure the book that synopsis did belong to was a good read, I was thrilled with the book I received (albeit, I am still a tad curious about the other book).

This book was almost two stories in one. You have the story of Nicky Cain, and how he's brought into the mob life -- a random 'job' (where he's just a silent body standing there) that pays him phenomenally well. He needs the money to help pay for his mother's chemo treatments, as the money and insurance have run dry. When the Boss asks him to stay on, the group isn't the most welcoming of Nicky, but each allows him into the fold in their own time. Before Nicky knows it, everything he's wanted -- money, fast cars, a big house, hot women hanging all over -- is at his fingertips. 

You also have the story of Lilah Cross, a woman who managed to allow herself to be decepted by a man named Mark. She didn't want to date, but he roped her in. He strung her along and made her promises -- all of which were lies. Now she's married and playing her own tricks on him; he wants a baby and the last thing she wants with Mark is a child. She's been disowned from her family, and all she has left is the disgusting pig who rarely showers, and mooches off of her.

Nicky falls into the mob life.

Lilah allowed herself to fall into the slum of a life she lives. 

Separately, these two stories were very good. I enjoyed Nicky's story from start to the end of this volume. Lilah's story... well, as much as I loved it, I couldn't help but feel she did it to herself. Eventually you have to realize your boyfriend is lying and that it's not going to change. Marrying him certainly won't change it. Her rash decision when it came to Mark was also a bit roll-your-eyes worthy to me, but...

It was a good three-quarters through the story before these two's lives cross. The first 75% of the book flies by. I was so engrossed in the story, I didn't even realize I was almost through with it and my main characters had even yet to meet. I felt, then, that when they did meet, the romance aspect was rushed. On the one hand, I understand that the author was setting up the scene for the next books, but I almost would have appreciated it more if the story of volume one ended right when they met, rather than rush the romance -- because as it was, I felt the Lilah's 'love' for Nicky was more of a hero/rescuer love than a true love.

That said... 

The end of this story is set up super well for the coming book(s). I'm curious as to what Sara is going to do with this series, and where she's going to bring it. I want to see the romance bloom and feel real, and I fully expect to with the coming books. Volume one was a set-the-scene kind of book, and I must say, the scene is set beautifully.

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