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review || ONE LAST SIN

One Last Sin by Georgia Cates
Publisher: Georgia Cates Books (3/23/2015)
Series: The Sin Trilogy, book 3
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Source: Purchase
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Rating: ★★★★★

Bleu MacAllister’s fate lies in the hands of the enemy. Complicated circumstances have rendered her helpless to escape their clutches so she must await rescue by her less than lily-white knight. All is right again when she’s back in the arms of the man she loves until long buried secrets are unearthed. With them, Bleu finally discovers her mother’s killer along with far more than she could possibly imagine. Can she find happiness with a husband who will go to any length to keep her safe, even if it means denying her of the one thing she believes she wants most in this world?

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We've now watched Bleu try to kill Sin, fall in love with Sin, try leaving him. Sin finding her, them marrying (and having such a lovely relationship!). Their need for in vitro and the pain and confusion it brought. we've seen Abram being a bastard of highest order and try not only taking Bleu out (pre-wedding) and also "airing their dirty laundry", even though some family members already knew the struggle. Abram outing them lead to their first major fight as a married couple...

“You can’t wear blinders and refuse to acknowledge his true nature forever. Or what he’s capable of.”

We’re back to her believing Abram could be her mother’s killer. “I need proof, Bonny.”

“I understand. I’m working on it.”

“If it’s proven that he’s the murderer, my father will kill him without hesitation.” I have no doubt about that. 

“No! I have to be the one to do it.”

I wouldn’t let her go through with it even if I hadn’t made a promise to Harry on his deathbed. “You’re pregnant. No way I’m letting you do that.”

“I won’t be pregnant forever.”

Is she even thinking ahead? “What’s the end result when you’re no longer pregnant? You’ll be a mother, and not to just any child. My child! There’s no way I’ll allow you to put yourself in a dangerous situation like that.”

She’s shaking her head in disagreement. “You’re my husband but that doesn’t mean you get to dictate what I do.”
“You’re wrong if you think I don’t get a vote.”

I can predict with one hundred percent accuracy that what I’m about to say will cause problems between us. “As your husband, I won’t command you to do anything, but as your Fellowship leader, I will.”

“Oh. I see now. You’re my leader before you’re my husband.”

“Never. I’m always your husband first. That means I protect you above anything else and I’m telling you that you won’t do this no matter what you prove.”

“I’d like to see you try to stop me.”

She doesn’t understand the repercussions for killing a brother. I think it’s time she had a lesson. “Bonny. If you kill Abram and you’re caught, they will kill you. And I can’t stop them. Is there any part of that you don’t understand?”

“I won’t be caught.”

“Bleu! Don’t ignore what I’m telling you.”

I don’t enjoy raising my voice at my wife. I enjoy the expression on her face as she looks at me even less. It’s a melting pot of hurt and anger. 

“Or what? I’ll have to pay penance? You’ll send me to Sangster and have me beaten within an inch of my life?”

I grab Bleu firmly by her upper arms. “Listen to me. We’re having a baby. You’re going to be a mother. There’s no room for stupidity where our child is concerned. I will not let you jeopardize our family over your obsession.”I release her arms and head for the door. She’s being irrational and unreasonable. I’m furious so I shouldn’t be around her right now. Fighting fair—it’s not something I’ve ever learned to do so I fear what I might say or do. I don’t want to create regrets. “Where are you going?”


I stop in the doorway and turn back to look at Bleu. “Keeping you and our child safe is number one. Always. Maybe you should think about what your priorities are while I’m gone.” -- THE NEXT SIN

Then they find out about twins and shortly after, The Order takes Bleu in retaliation for Sin killing their leader's son...

Which leads us to this book, the conclusion of the Sin trilogy. And oh, what an ending it is.

I have to say, I love that this cover is brighter than the other two. Where the others are either Sin or Bleu on a black background, this cover is a full-focus on Bleu and Sin, and I think that reflects not only the story, but their relationship. Book one was about Bleu and her need for revenge. Book two was about Sin and his need to help Bleu. Book three is their final chapter -- their happily ever after.

But there are some steps they need to go through to get to that happily ever after.

Everything about Bleu and Sin has gripped me, from book one through this conclusion. Bleu set out to seduce him, so she could kill his father, only to in turn fall for Sin. When her truths come out, she leaves him, handcuffed to the bed, assuming she'll never see him again. But Sin is resourceful, and he finds her. He fights for her, he endures pain for her... He wants her in his life and goes above and beyond in proving his love for her.

The fear that these two go through in the beginning of the story is gripping. Bleu has been so incredibly strong from the beginning, and you see her crumbling and fearful that she's done something to harm her babies. We see the fear in Sin when he sees his Bonny, unconscious and bloody. He does anything and everything to keep her safe. When his uncle, yet again, threatens Bleu, steps are finally taken.

This was such a lovely conclusion to the series. I have loved every minute of Bleu and Sin's journey. These two love hard and they love deep -- and they extend their love to those closest to them. Sin always has Bleu's best interests at heart and while it sometimes causes fights, they always end up back in one another's arms.

While I'm sure it's probably not in the works, I'd love to see Ellison get herself a story. I've felt that way since day one when Bleu was keeping this life from her. I'd love to see Jamie get his happily ever after, too.

...with or without Ellison. Preferably with ;)

And I would love to see all the good Bleu has brought to the Fellowship's women. While once wary of an American ex-FBI agent, the Fellowship has embraced Bleu and I love to see it -- especially since Sin is so damn proud of his Bonny lass.

I just want to see more, darn it! ;)

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