Friday, July 18, 2014

ROUGH AND TUMBLE -- a summary and opinion

Rough and Tumble is the story of Cash and Molly, two very different people from two pretty different worlds.

Cash lives on the road, playing poker and picking up odd jobs whenever he needs the money. Molly is an introverted good-two-shoes, if you will, who after being hit on by her 'Creep-o-meter: DEFCON freaking 1' boss decides to go on a trip with her best girl friends to Vegas. It's an attempt to open up and be a Molly she really isn't -- afterall, isn't that was Vegas is good for?

I could relate with Molly in 99.9% of this book. She's shy, she's introverted, she puts everyone else in front of her own self and needs. She watches the cute guy but can't imagine that he's actually looking back at her. Molly is me in paperback form.

Except when her friend loses her in a poker game and cute guy at the end of the bar who couldn't possibly be watching her decides that if friend can't pay the money, he wants a night with Molly.

Now, my friend's would never agree to such a thing.

They wouldn't agree to it in our home town, let alone in a place like Sin City.

Molly has her reasons as to why she shouldn't, but ultimately she goes through with it because it saves her friend's hide (there she goes again, helping everyone else out before thinking about her self *cough*hersafey*cough*).

With phone check-ins in place in case he really is some creepy guy, Molly goes on this one-night-date with Cash. Halfway through it, though, Cash gets frustrated because apparently Molly is really only in it for the helping of a friend. What happened to the girl at the bar who kept looking at him? Granted, Molly isn't his normal quest (there would be no threesome with Molly), but he's drawn to her.

This meet-up, which doesn't end as Cash wanted, leads to another, which leads to another, which leads to a mini-roadtrip in which Molly's growing feelings start to scare Cash.

So like any romance novel hero, he pulls a dick move and breaks her down some.

But, like any romance novel hero, he pulls off the groveling pretty well at the end too.

I enjoyed the book. I liked Cash and Molly. I am interested in the coming books of the series. The only reason why this book is a 4 (a solid 4, mind you... not an 'almost 3, 4') is simply because I can relate to Molly so flipping well, but this spur of the moment, "Sure I'll go out with you tonight, you creeper" totally isn't something someone with this personality would do.

...but maybe I related to her wrongly.

Regardless, I enjoyed Cash and Molly. 

...and I love that Cash ends up following Molly in the end, too.

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