Sunday, July 6, 2014

COMING HOME -- a summary and opinion

Romance writers live in 'happily ever after'. I, as an avid romance reader and 'wannabe' romance writer, was once told that, and I quote, "Romance writers write romance because their romance life sucks and what they write is what they want. They are stuck in the imaginary world".

...needless to say, I was a little perturbed by this comment and I told her my piece. (When I pointed out specific authors and their blogs and their musings, this person went on to say these writers were lying).

While Coming Home isn't about a romance writer, persay, it is about a romance writer's three sons -- namely the oldest, Ryan.

Rachel Porter writes romance, and fully believes that each person has one true soulmate out there, and if a person were open enough to accept it, they would find their one true person. Ryan, while growing up hearing this, doesn't truly believe it. Afterall, he's slowly learning his parents have been next to seperated over the years (which is what he believes to be true, not what is).

When an accident involving his father brings him home, Ryan puts his life in New York on hold -- hoping it also gives him an out with a live-in girlfriend that really isn't who he wants. Kimmi doesn't really get this picture, and even though Ryan tells her to stay home, it's not the right time to meet his parents, she sneaks to his childhood home, anyway.

Back home, Ryan meets Tyra, a redheaded beauty who he is completely drawn to. She is no Kimmi. She is someone he could see himself with -- if he were looking to settle down; which he's not. And even though he knows that Tyra is friends with his youngest brother, Henry, seeing them touch and hug puts fire in Ryan's eyes.

Tyra, though, has a secret. She's known of Ryan for years; she is, afterall, Rachel's assistant and has heard stories about Ryan and about everyone's one true love. When Ryan learns that Tyra knows his mom (who everyone calls 'mother', much to my distaste...), he gets much more defensive that I thought was necessary -- granted, his father just passed away, so emotions are always heightened at those times. But I still didn't think it was warranted. He did take the news of Tyra's daughter very well, though.

...if my biggest gripe with this book was that the boys called Rachel 'mother', perhaps it deserves more than 4 stars. And for a novella length book, it covered most of the bases. But for an erotica... it could have used more meat to the meat and potatoes (....I'm really not a sassy pun kind of gal, but it sort of fit *blushing*).

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