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ACCIDENTALLY MARRIED ON PURPOSE -- a summary and opinion

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Secondly, I literally just posted a review of Seven Day Fiance, another book in this series. Let me explain.
I was in a reading rut -- I have 1 paperback book I'm in the process of reading (that I actually really like, but I've gotten a bit behind on my NetGalley account, so those books are taking the precedence to my "books I read by authors I love because I'm already invested in those authors/books/series'"), another paperback I picked up yesterday at Target by Cherry Adair (that I read the last 30 pages or so of at Target and fell in love with), yet another paperback I need to read because it's KGI and Maya Banks and it's Swanny's book, and I just need to read it. Beyond those 3 books (4 if you count the fact that the Cherry Adair book is a two-in-one), I have 3 open and in the process of being read, as well as about 10 more on my To Read list on my NetGalley book shelf. Of my open 3, I like them all -- I love the characters, the plots, the ideas... I just am having a hard time staying focused. Couldn't really figure out why.
So in my venture to get out of said rut, I opened yet another NetGalley book that's been on my shelf for a bit: Accidentally Married On Purpose. A few paragraphs in, and I frowned: "...from Bon Terre", and "...Cane and Angie were headed to Cajun country". Bon Terre? Cane? I've read these recently (one of my favorite series that I read years ago had a character named Cane {except his name was Kane with a 'K' and it was written by Jennifer Blake}).
So I Googled the author and pulled up her book list. Front and center was Seven Day Fiance.
A book that I liked, but didn't love.
I almost put the book away. Like I said, I wasn't invested in the series; it's not that Rachel did a bad job writing Seven Day Fiance, I just hadn't been able to get 100% into it.
Let me tell you, I'm glad I stuck it out.
Accidentally Married on Purpose follows Sherry Robicheaux, town wild-child with her purple hair, as she mistakenly takes Tyler Blue (lead singer for country act Blue) as a roadie and allows herself a fun, flirty, no-holding-back weekend with him. When she mistakes him for a roadie, Tyler doesn't correct her. She's spending time with him for him, not for the country singer. However, as the drunken weekend in Vegas progresses... well...
What happens in Vegas doesn't necessarily stay in Vegas.
Especially when you get married.
...especially when you get married to a country superstar.
While Tyler has hits up and down the charts, and a phenomenal fan base, he is known as the country play boy -- more so simply because all the other big country singers are married and he is not.
At the prompting of his publicist, Sherry and Tyler decide to stay married for the time being; obviously, with rules.
One of their first "moments" is when Sherry brings him to her family's home; beforehand, though, she teaches Tyler to (literally) dance in the rain. This was probably one of the first moments in the book that I felt both Sherry and Tyler molding into one another. They were playful and laughing and could have been very much in love -- if it all hadn't been such a farce. But really, was it? This was most definitely the moment Tyler started falling for Sherry, if his next number one single had any say.
Now, the first time (maybe really the only, because I don't recall another part, nor have a noted another part) I had any questioning in Rachel's writing was during this scene, when Sherry dances up to him and says, "'I've never seen you let go and be utterly silly before'". note says, no joke, "....because she's known him so long......."
Sherry doesn't do country music. She mistook Tyler for a roadie. This is only days/weeks into the act. Sure, she has spent time with him, and he is a pretty serious guy, but the way it's written is more of a long-time-friend making a statement. Regardless, if the paparazzi were around, it made for good press.
While their relationship is very much for the public eye, Tyler still manages to do the little sweet things that would make any girl swoon -- the daily Post-Its on her mirror (because she has a 'pea sized bladder' and is in the bathroom often, it would get looked over in the kitchen, and the living room is unorganized at best) were extremely sweet.
The very last Post-It, which I'll leave for you to read, made me cry. Heck, during the entire epilogue I was crying, it was so flipping sweet.
So like I said.. I'm super glad I stuck out this book. It was a quick read, it was a book I didn't want to put down, and I absolutely, 100%-ly, loved loved LOVED Sherry and Tyler. Loved them.
Did I mention I loved them?
Yeah. Thought so.
I kinda sorta maybe hope that Charlie gets a story, too, so I can see more of them... Like Sherry predicts, Charlie could really be a keeper if the right lady came and caught him.

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