Friday, June 27, 2014

JUST ONE NIGHT -- a summary and opinion

Yay, another Lauren Layne book to read!!

Yet another great book by Lauren. I'm so glad that I've stumbled across her. Her writing style, as stated in my Only With You review is my kind of quirky writing style. She's so easy to read and get lost in. I just love it.

This book is part of a series. The Love Sex & Stiletto series follows four woman who work for a publication, much like a Cosmo, Vogue, Vanity Fair type magazine.

This particular book follows Riley, the writer behind all the sex articles, and Sam, her brother's best friend. These two have always circled one another (at least since meeting eachother when Riley was 19 and hanging out in the kitchen in her soccer uniform), but they don't act on their attraction. Sam doesn't because he promised her brother, Liam, that he wouldn't (who later states that he doesn't even remember that conversation), and Riley doesn't because surely there's no way he could be attracted to her.

So while Riley can't have Sam for herself, she pretty much acts like the resentful younger sister and sabotages his relationships (with things like genital warts pamphlets that his lady friends stumble across). And while Sam doesn't act on his attraction, he stands up for her to his mother when she calls Riley a slut -- how can she not be when she writes about sex for a living?

Oh, but oh-ho... twist here.

Riley has had sex once, and it was in a type of rebellion when Sam went and got himself married, and Riley realized she couldn't have him.

...but then she doesn't do it since.

She writes about sex yes, but she admits to being extremely book smart about the act, and when it finally happens for her and Sam (and I do mean finally), she's as nervous as a first timer.

Without giving too much away, this book follows these two lovers as they navigate from practically-siblings-but-extremely-attracted-to-each-other, to lovers, to foes, to lovers again. It follows Riley as she fumbles through the need to write a personal article that she hasn't a clue how to write; it follows Riley and Sam as Riley fights him to stand up and be proud of the things he has accomplished -- who the eff cares that his mother doesn't care, Riley's entire family cares and is damn proud of him, couldn't that be enough?; to the eventual demise of their relationship.

Again, what I love about Lauren's writing is it just seems so real. Riley and Sam's break up has a full-on fight. Most books have a discussion, some avoidance, and questions as to how it all went wrong.

But not this one.

Riley and Sam have a full-out, not a thing held back, screaming on the top of their lungs, fight. They let out all of their frustrations. And when the fight reaches it's tipping point, they drive in heated silence.... only to start all over again once they reach home.

I could quote their entire fight. The entire fight has points where she thinks she's right, he thinks he's right, and they're both hurting and not seeing eye to eye. He hollers that his mom is all he has, of course he wants to keep her happy even though she's a total bitch to him. Riley, while she understands the woman is his mom, doesn't understand how he can say that she is all he has -- regardless of the entire McKenna family having Sam's back, Riley feels that her love should be enough for him too.

Yet again, another great, solid effort on Lauren Layne's part, and it hit every mark. Going through my highlights and notes in the book, I don't have a single negative thing written that I need to revisit or hash out.

Lauren's turning into my 5-star kind of gal.

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