Friday, June 20, 2014

ACCIDENTALLY MARRIED -- a summary and opinion

What another cute book, thanks to my NetGalley addiction. 

As the title suggests, the hero and heroine in this book are accidentally married --- but hold up, that doesn't come until the end.

Madison needs a job. She does acting (small roles, she's hoping for larger ones) on the side, but really, she needs a consistent income. Her friend, Carrie, overheard that Jameson Technologies was looking for an administrative assistant, so Madison is on the hunt.

Turns out, Jared's not looking for an assistant -- misunderstanding number one. Patricia, his assistant, tends to be all talk and threatens her leaving on a weekly basis.

Misunderstanding number two?

Well, the fiery blonde who strolls into his office isn't exactly his cousin's friend coming to save him from a family dinner nightmare, which Jared learns once he gets Madison to his car. Too late to turn around, he offers her the opportunity to be his stand in girlfriend for a decent chunk of change. Being an actress... well, how can she say no..?

The problem is Madison is spunky. Jared puts on a show in front of his family's house, opening her car door because it's the gentlemanly thing to do (which Madison points out he did not do at the office). Not only that, Jared essentially is dangling a carrot in her nose -- if she does a job well done, well, perhaps he can find a job for her.

Well, perhaps Madison won't make his life a living hell from there on forward.

She's spunky (I said that already...). She's fun. She's quirky. She thinks on her toes. Extremely well. On the drive, Madison tried to ask him how they were going to say they met; he said it wouldn't come up. When it does and he tries for a blase answer, Madison manages to make a joke of it.

She continuously takes what he says and one ups him -- but not in the typical way. Oh, no, Madison has to pretty much make a fool of the situation. Besides, she's trying to be an annoying twit so when he has to tell his family they broke up, his family wouldn't necessarily be bothered by the information.

There's just one more problem. His aunt wants to see him married. Well, strike the band, Madison has an idea -- which, of course, pisses of Jared (to which Madison later understands and feels horribly guilty about).

Through weeks of a fake engagement, Madison and Jared learn to like one another. Granted, neither manages to own up to his or her feelings to the other, but what can a reader expect? 

I enjoyed this book. I really liked watching Jared and Madison fall for each other. He likes her, but is afraid she just sees this as a game and a paycheck. She likes him, but how could a guy like him ever fall for a wannabe actress with no job and a terrible family history like her? His family loves her. His family can see that Jared loves Madison and vice versa. 

I was so engrossed in the book that I stopped making my highlights and notes a third through the book. I wasn't thinking, 'Oh, this needs to be touched upon on the review" -- I just just reading to read. 

My favorite scene has to be from the end. Without giving too much away....

"He shook the papers. 'Is this what you want?'...She slowly shook her head. 'No. This isn't what I want.' Her words came out in a whisper..."

She still doubts him. Granted, I would too, if the scene had played out as it did. Her words are whispered because she doesn't want him to leave, but she's terrified he will. She's terrified that everything she feels is one sided and that he could never forgive her.

This is definitely a book I'll revisit.

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