Friday, June 27, 2014

BRING ON THE HEAT -- a summary and opinion

I love sports.

I love romance.

I really love contemporary romance books that delve into the world of sports.

This book was no exception.

However, while I've given the book a 4, I still have my little issues with it -- but looking at the story as a whole, it deserved the 4.

This book follows Darcy, a huge fan of the baseball team the Sonics, and an even bigger fan of the star pitcher, Chase Westbrook. When the socialite that Darcy housesits for gives her her invitation for a Sonics-hosted event, Darcy decides to go. Catch -- she has nothing to wear.

Lydia, the socialite, tells her to grab a dress of hers and use her hair appointment to get dolled up for the event. A little unsure, Darcy ends up doing such while Lydia is out of town. Next catch, Lydia and Darcy look a little alike -- enough so that because Lydia is never photographed, people mistake Darcy for Lydia.

...even Chase.

Darcy is head over heels when Chase sits next to her at the event and talks with her. She tries to clear up the confusion of her persona, but eventually gives up -- not a single soul is listening to her, anyway.

My biggest gripe, now..

The entire book is under the pretense that Darcy is Lydia.

And it irritated me. I wanted her to come clean (even though she tried, I'd have liked her to try harder). I wanted Chase to realize he was falling for Darcy, the quirky, pretty sport nerd, not the socialite who's grandfather had the ability of getting him to the Yankees. The longer he went out with Darcy-as-Lydia, the more it seemed as if he just wanted her for her connections -- which, yes, was part of what he wanted. He was confused as all get out when the social image of Lydia didn't add up with the private-that-he-thought-he-knew Lydia, but he figured it was an image she portrayed to what little press she had.

Turned out he was falling for the real girl under the extensions and makeup.

So taking out the Darcy is pretending to be Lydia, and pretend that it's Darcy as Darcy the entire time, I loved the story.

I just really hated the length of time it took Darcy to truly come clean.

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