Thursday, May 29, 2014

When choosing a (romance) book that is work appropriate...

I have a slew of books I've read this last week that I'm dying to put up a review on, but first thing's first... 

Yesterday (Wednesday), I bought 2 books. True paperback format (the previous 6 I bought this week were all Nook books). 

I bought Hard As You Can by Laura Kaye -- totally taking a gamble on her. I'm very much a stick-to-authors-I-know type of reader, but now and then I venture off and find a new author. I typically do this by route of a) the cover is enticing, and b) the last 20 pages are written well and I like the happily ever after. Yes, I'm an epilogue first reader. I like to know what happens -- it's what drives me insane with my own life (I just want to know that I meet a guy and he loves me... That is all).

I realized at home that the cover isn't really work appropriate.... Not that I see anything wrong with a half naked man with a delectable back pinning a wanton looking woman against the wall.... Heck, sign me up to be her. .....but I also work at a pediatric hospital. 

So I ventured to another store on my way to work to find another new read (I have plenty of old reads on my phone, and am in the process of rereading a Maya Banks KGI book) and found a reissue of two Susan Wiggs books. The cover is blah (but very Susan Wiggs) but the back blurbs drew me in... as did the 2 pages I read (and no, they weren't the epilogues). Granted, I know and like Susan's writing style -- I just haven't picked up a book of hers in awhile.


So perhaps my first review will be this book... Maybe the Laura Kaye book... Or maybe one of the other 6 I read this week.

I have lots to review.

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