Thursday, May 29, 2014

"...I just want to read, and write, and take pretty pictures"

I'm torn between what to make this blog 'about'...

Do I make it specifically about reading, writing, and pictures, and only that? Do I make it a full-fledged personal blog (about my boring single-ness, kidlessness, so very exciting life)? But if I do make it just book reviews, what I'm writing, and personal pictures (because my professional ones should be on their own space), what happens if I slide into personal posts?

Then, if my writing goes somewhere... do I change this to be just a review blog?!

Oh me, oh my... Decisions.

So for now, I will focus on book reviews, what I'm writing (and an insight to the whole entire schpeel of books I have lined up), and pretty pictures that don't have a home on my professional site.

...and if I post something regular and personal, something about my current-day-hatred of side job #1, or the fact that I've lost my passion for photography for the simple reason I had an upset client... well, then, I'll deal. I'm only human.

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