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review || LIFE ON THE LEVEL { blog tour } by Zoraida Córdova

Diversion Books | February 23, 2016 | New Adult Romance
On the Verge, book 3


The tantalizing third book in Zoraida Córdova's steamy New Adult On the Verge series!

River Thomas was born a wild card. Her mother left before River hit puberty, and her alcoholic father raised her to have the best poker face in the city, but when he dies unexpectedly, River's already dangerous lifestyle spirals out of control. Six months sober, she relapses, and the resulting bender ends with her on the run from a guy looking to settle a score.

She wants to be better--needs to be better--before she ends up like her dad. The road leads her to Sun Valley, Montana, where she checks herself into a rehab center. But before her first night, she decides to go for a last hurrah, and the beautiful stranger at the bar is just what the doctor ordered.

She leaves before sunrise, and starts her ninety-day program, still thinking of his face. But her last hurrah with the guy of her dreams is also a counselor and extremely off-limits.

Their attraction is too strong to ignore, and soon she finds herself gambling with the one thing she never thought she would—her heart.

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Zoraida Córdova was born in Ecuador and raised in Queens. She is the author of The Vicious Deep Trilogy. She studied English Lit at Hunter College, and The University of Montana before finding a home for herself in the (kinda) glittering world of New York City’s nightlife. She prefers her cocktails shaken, her bacon crispy, and her men with a side of chivalry.

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In this latest On the Verge title, we have Sky's friend, River, as she journey's into sobriety. Gambling has become a way of life for her, but she's more than aware that she's literally gambling her life away.

One night, she meets a sexy stranger. No names. Just one night. Never did she imagine he would be her counselor at the rehab center.

While River's character was ballsy, loud, mouthy, and certainly in your face (all managed in a loveable fashion, though), Hutch was simply solid. I appreciated that Ms. Cordova wrote him as an ethically sound man, but also a man with his desires and wants -- a want that, at the very base of it, was to help River. River's support system, with or even without Hutch, was simply unwaivering, and I loved that for her. Her friendships with Sky and Leti read as real; I certainly laughed at a few of their conversations.

Each book in this series went a little bit deeper, held a little more emotional drama. It was as if Ms. Cordova was simply warming the reader up, getting the reader ready for this book that certainly tackled deeper issues than we saw in the previous two. Like the previous, though, her writing style has not waivered. Ms. Cordova's ability to write in this new adult field is evident in these stories, and I enjoyed each of them.
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