Tuesday, July 12, 2016

review || ULTIMATE ENGAGEMENT { blog tour } by Lydia Rowen

Beaverstone Press | July 12, 2016 | Romantic Suspense


*Part of the Romancing the Alpha 2 box set*

When the lines between make-believe and reality blur, danger moves in...

Mercenary Adam Reins needs a woman—and fast. The only way to get the intel he needs on a dangerous criminal is to go undercover—on a couples' retreat. But pretending to be engaged to the sweet and sexy Sloan Wakefield might be too much for bad boy Adam to handle. 

Sloan has always been drawn to Adam, but he never noticed she existed. Playing his fiancĂ©e is just a game, and Sloan knows she can’t forget that. Still between Adam’s intense gaze and his increasingly heated caresses, the boundaries begin to blur. 

But danger is looming, and if Adam and Sloan don’t work together, their fairy-tale forever might be over before it starts.

{ review } .

While this particular book was a novella, I loved it a little bit more than Lucian and Cass's book....... And usually I'm a fan of the longer pieces!

This go-around, we have Adam and Sloan, who both work with Lucian at Silver Industries. Sloan is a bright cookie, and while she's been known to make the offices homey and comfortable, she knows there's more to the company than just the public front. She knows she's working with mercenaries. While she may have an office role, she was probably pretty close to the backbone of the company.

When Adam came on and met Sloan, he was thrown by her -- but Sloan, in her nervousness, was a bit cold toward him. Thus beginning a cold, minimal words spoken, relationship between the two. Something that needs to be fixed, obviously, because of the crazy chemistry.

I absolutely adored these two. Their romance was quick, and it was borderline insta-love (although both swore they had feelings prior to them getting together), but it was still cute. I loved Sloan and some of her comical moments (one of my favorite lines she says, and it's nothing extraordinary, was about why she was named for her father). Adam, once he got past his cranky ways because he was smitten with the woman he was going to have to pose as lovers with, was great with Sloan.

Definitely a cute addition to this series; I can't wait to see more of them as we visit the "office" in the future!

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