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review || BADASS IN MY BED

Badass in my Bed by Rae Lynn Blaise

Serial: Badass, part 1
Genre: New Adult
Source: Author
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Rating: ★1/2

Rachel's life is music. She plays it, she lives it, she breathes it. And next week she'll start playing her cello with the Boston Symphony, which isn't exactly the kind of music career she wanted, but one that will make her father happy. And her happy enough.

But the weekend before she leaves for Boston, she meets Dylan. Tattoos. Biceps. Killer smile. Hard cock. Total badass. It's a surprise that he'd ever be interested in her, but he is. He goes against everything she ever wanted in a man... or, thought she wanted. But it's only for one night, right?

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Ohhh, serials...

I've decided that the secret to a good serial is that the part that you have in your hands at any given time has to be full enough to whet your appetite, ending in a place that makes you curious about the rest. They need to end in a place where you can take a breath, look around, and think, 'Ok, yeah... that's a good place to put the book down and digest what I've read'.

Rae Lynn did a good job of that with this first part of her BADASS serial.

In this short part, we have Rachel -- a do good, be good cellist who has been given the opportunity to play in the Boston Symphony. Leaving in just a few days, her best friend is trying to convince her to go against her norm and have a night out on the town.

Rachel is pretty much the epitome of a good girl. She's had sex with her two boyfriends, and only at a point in the relationship where it simply felt like the right time. She doesn't do the whole talk to strange men and take one home thing. 

However, her night out with Rachel has her eyeing a dark, tattooed guy at the other end of the establishment. He's been looking back, too. 

I enjoyed this part. I liked that Rachel wasn't completely oblivious to current music, but at the same time, she wasn't completely up to speed with it. And while I wasn't too fond of Dylan's elusiveness, I completely understood why. I liked these two and enjoyed watching Rachel come out of her bubble a bit. Dylan had a way of putting Rachel at ease even when she was apprehensive on approaching; he didn't tease or make fun of her for her music choices -- the slight teasing he did was made in mutual jokes. 

I kind of a got a IF I STAY vibe from Rachel -- she was the type of musician who would put her classical instrument into modern music while listening and I found that fun. I look forward to the next part -- curious minds want to know what happens next...

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