Sunday, January 4, 2015

review || WATCH ME

Watch Me by Cynthia Eden

Publisher: Hocus Pocus Publishing, Inc  (12/3/2014)
Series: Dark Obsession, book 1
Genre: Military Romance
Source: NetGalley
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My Rating: ★★★★★

He was hired to protect her. 

Watching gorgeous Gwen Hawthorne wasn’t a hard job—but it certainly was tempting. Chance Valentine had tried to keep his distance from the sexy socialite for years, but when her father hired him to keep watch on her—as a twenty-four, seven bodyguard—Chance knew his control was about to be pushed to the limit. 

He’d never wanted another woman the way he desired her. Hot. Intense. Consuming. Being so close to Gwen, Chance knew that he wouldn’t be able to resist her. So he gave into his need, her need, and he took them both to the edge of a dark and consuming desire. 

But Chance soon realizes that he isn’t the only one watching Gwen. Someone else is out there, a stalker who won’t rest until Gwen is destroyed. Every day, every moment…Gwen is in danger. And Chance knows that if he can’t unmask the stalker, then he may just lose the only woman he has ever loved. 

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When Cynthia first posted this book on Facebook, just a few days before she was publishing it, I wasn't sure that an ARC/galley would be posted.

But it was, and I was ecstatic to find it.

True to her other books, this one falls right into one of my favorites. While it was a quick read it wasn't necessarily a quick romance as the story truly begins years before the start of the book. I really enjoyed this. Also really enjoyed the Sophie and Lex scenes and I'm excited to read their book.

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