Thursday, October 16, 2014

changin' the look of this place...

...well, I'm changing the look as much as I can when a) I'm broke, and b) the last time I put PhotoShop on my laptop, the entire thing crashed (and let me tell you, Windows 8 crashing is NOT. FUN).

There are a couple places you may notice that don't go anywhere ( about page still needs a little somethin' somethin'), and there are two itty boxes to your right that say { coming soon } -- that doesn't mean that I haven't any books on my reading queue, because I do. I'm in the process of finishing a Sasha White piece, as well as M.L. Buchman's FULL BLAZE. Oh, and there are 3 Christmas/Magnolia Bay novellas I'm in the process of reading...

And I have 3 or 4 blog tour posts drafted, as well as 3 or 4 back-read books drafted. They just need a few tweeks and they'll be published.

...but today's internet goal was aesthetics, and I think I did ok with the resources I had.

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