Thursday, August 14, 2014

BROKEN -- a summary and opinion

BROKEN released today! Well, yesterday, but I'm a night shifter and I'm still stuck on 9/2 in my mind, nevermind the fact that it's 0130 in the morning on 9/3.

I just loved BROKEN -- I wasn't sure I would. I should have believed in my love of Lauren's writing... I will know better the next time I see a character I'm not particularly interested in -- granted, the next books on her cue are Emma in the Stiletto series, and Sophie's BFF Will/sister Brynn's story in the Best Mistake series, and I've been waiting for both of these books.

So, why wasn't I sure I'd like this book?


She's pampered and a rich-bitch and has a 'tude that I didn't care for in ISN'T SHE LOVELY. As a general rule of thumb, I don't like pretty, skinny girls. It's an issue I've had for a few years ;) And Olivia just fits the bill in her designer clothes and stuck up attitude.

But unfortunately for me, Olivia was looking to get away from home and needed a change, so she took on the caregiver role for some 70-year old man's son. What Olivia didn't expect was for his son to be her age.

Paul is a war vet who made friends with a bullet and other torturing when in Afghanistan. He lost his best friend and walks around with visible scars and a bum leg as a constant reminder. He hides behind his scars and lets anger rule his life.

He has gone through numerous care givers and his father is giving him one last chance -- see one through for 6 months, or you're cut off; finished, nada mas. His father has a trick up his sleeve though, in hiring young, pretty Olivia. And as much as he wants to throw two middle fingers up in the air, the money his father is giving him is actually going to his best friend's widow and daughter.

This story is very much a Beauty and the Beast story, but it's done in a way that you forget the Disney movie/Grimm fairy tale and focus very much on Paul and Olivia. It's a story of overcoming personal battles and fighting the fights that actually mean something.

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I find myself wanting to see Olivia and Paul two, five, ten years down the road. I very much loved these two and their connection. Life is about finding someone who's demons play well with yours, and these two most certainly fit ;) Ha; or finding someone who's battles you are willing to fight, and vice versa.

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