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Book Title: First Light and Change In the Light 
Author: Tami Lund 
Genre: Paranormal Romance 
Release Date: January 4, 2016 
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Book Blurb

First Light:

The year is 1512.

The magical Lightbearers are hiding in caves in central Mexico, trying to stay one step ahead of the shape-shifters who want to kill them. What the shifters don’t know is killing a Lightbearer isn’t the way to inherit her magic.

Xander Wulf is a shape-shifter who has spent his entire life chasing the elusive Lightbearers. When he comes face to face with Sabine Flemming, his theory about inheriting Lightbearer magic is destroyed, and he can’t say he’s all that disappointed. In fact, he’s suddenly intrigued with the idea of getting to know the fascinating female.

Sabine doesn’t understand her strange attraction to the shifter who didn’t kill her. Not that she has time to dwell on it, because James Bennett, King of the Lightbearers, is demanding her attention—and he, too, wants more than she expects.

While Sabine tries to make the right choice, the king tries to save his people, and Xander does something wholly unexpected—which just might be a solution to the Lightbearers’ pesky shifter problem.

Read the prequel to the Lightbearer Series and learn the history behind the Lightbearers’ and shape-shifters’ contentious relationship—and how it was destined to change long before Tanner and Olivia meet in book 1, Into the Light.

Change In the Light

In the fourth installment of the Lightbearer series, we shift to Detroit, where pack master Josh Tigre is obligated to take a mate and produce offspring to carry on his family line. Problem is, the woman he falls for is human. According to the rules of the pack, he can never tell her about his true nature, which means at some point, he has to give her up.

Rachel Whitaker is a human woman trying to survive in a world in which it seems the cards are always stacked against her. When she’s forced to seduce Josh in exchange for her own life, the task is no hardship—until she falls for the one she is supposed to help destroy.

Rachel decides to fight back against the man manipulating her life, starting in motion a chain of events that adversely affect two worlds—and she doesn’t even know it.

Other books in the series include:

Into the Light
Dawning of Light
Light Beyond the Darkness
Change in the Light


Rachel doubted very much he was literally heading toward her, but she figured this was as perfect a chance as she was going to get to meet the guy.
She released her hold on the bar and smoothed the front of her satiny dress. And then she watched as his gaze caught hers and held, until he stood directly in front of her. Clearly, he had been literally heading in her direction.
“Hello,” he said, his deep voice slightly rough, like sandpaper. Her thoughts immediately shifted to silk sheets and baby oil. So far, this whole sleep-with-a-stranger gig wasn’t turning out half bad. Not bad at all, in fact.
“I’m Joshua Tigre. Josh.”
“Hi Josh. I’m Rachel.” She offered her hand and he enveloped it in his far larger and warmer one. She spared a moment to pray he never let it go.
“I hope the prank didn’t frighten you too much.”
Prank? She racked her brain, trying to figure out what the hell he was talking about. All she could focus on was the warmth of his hand and the impressive width of his shoulders. And his smile.And his eyes. And...
“The panther,” he went on to explain. “I told him not to do it. I told him this wasn’t the place.” He shook his head, looking exasperated. “My cousin never listens to reason.”
“Your—your cousin?” She was clearly missing something.
Josh nodded, looking solemn, although there was a definite gleam in his dark eyes. “Matt. He knows better. Unfortunately, he has a tendency to react first and think later. Or not at all.” The solemn look switched to annoyed, before he wiped it clean and offered her a dazzling smile. “Like I said, a prank. Harmless.”
“O-okay.” He sure seemed hell bent on convincing her she shouldn’t be frightened. In truth, once the panther had passed without so much as glancing her way, she’d been more fascinated than scared.
Josh’s gaze locked onto her for several breathless seconds. He scanned her, from the top of her red hair to the tips of her too-high heels, and then he abruptly shifted his gaze away and looked at the crowd.
“Maybe I should escort you to your car?” he suggested. Unless she was mistaken, he was trying to get rid of her. She wondered why.
“I—I didn’t drive.” The memory of a week ago, when she’d been tied to a chair in a hotel room and threatened with death, reminded her that this was what she wanted. She needed Josh Tigre to take her home tonight. She deliberately ignored that part of her brain that was actually excited over the prospect.
Okay, no she didn’t. In fact, she allowed that part of her brain to have free rein.
His gaze sharpened. “Do you need a ride?”
She batted her eyelashes. Rachel had been blessed with her mother’s milky complexion, gorgeous red hair, and strategic curves. Looks her mother had wasted on drugs and the sleazy losers who dealt them. Rachel preferred to waste hers on sexy men in gray suits who rushed across a crowded ballroom to convince her not to worry about the fact that a live panther had just strutted through the vicinity.
“That would be wonderful,” she said, her voice practically a purr. She watched as he scoped out the room again. A man stepped through the door where the panther had disappeared a short time earlier. He vaguely resembled Josh. Rachel wondered if this was the cousin who never listened. When his gaze zoned in on them, Josh sharply shook his head. The man paused, a frown creasing his brow.
“Let’s go. I’ll take you home.”
“What?” It couldn’t possibly be this easy—could it?
“You just said you needed a ride.” He sounded confused. Rachel caught herself before she blew her opportunity. She wasn’t used to anything working quite so readily in her favor. Even when she used guys for her own means, it wasn’t usually this easy.
“Right. Of course. I’d appreciate it. Thank you.” Now she sounded overly grateful.
Taking a deep breath, she opened her mouth to backtrack, but Josh beat her to the punch. “Great. Let’s go.” He slipped his arm around her waist and for a moment, she was certain she forgot to breathe. She certainly forgot how to walk, as was evident when he put pressure on her back and then paused, a question in his eyes.
“Sorry. The shoes. I’m not very good with the heels.”
He glanced down and she lifted her skirt enough for him to admire the six-inch gold heels. When he lifted his gaze back to her face, she could have sworn his eyes were glowing.
Holy shit, it really is going to be this easy.


Meet the Author

Tami Lund Headshot 2014

Tami Lund is an author, a wine drinker, and a lover of romance. She's writing happily ever afters, one book at a time.

Those happily ever afters come in contemporary and paranormal. She's got something for everyone. You should check out her website. Rumor has it there's a free read.

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