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review || IGNITE by Holly Mortimer

Butterfly Publishing| September 19, 2015 | Contemporary Romance
Sisters, book 2


Fiery artist, Frankie Cain, hopes that her latest move to the East Coast would be her last. She’s been on the run for over twelve months, but can’t fight the feeling she’s never getting away from her powerful, abusive ex.

Hot, Fire Chief, Hardy Hanson, can’t resist a woman in need of a rescue, but when he collides head on with Frankie, he discovers she’s not the only one of them needing to be saved.

They must decide if allowing themselves to love is worth the risk, or will they let their past destroy any chance they have at finding peace
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Without taking anything away from Holly Mortimer, I would like to say after reading IGNITE, I'd like to retract my 4.5-star rating of BLINDSIDED and give it either a heavy 3.5 or light 4, because IGNITE?

IGNITE blew me away.

Where BLINDSIDED didn't hold my attention for long and it took me time to read, I was transported to the beach that IGNITE takes place at, and was so engrossed in the shy-but-could-be-feisty Frankie and the firefighter-with-his-own-dark-past Hardy.

Where I liked Finn and George, I loved Hardy and Frankie. Oh my goodness, did I love these two broken people. What starts out as silent runs (but not running partners, thankyouverymuch) becomes a friendship that Frankie wasn't looking for. Slowly, Hardy breaks down her walls -- or rather, he tries to; Frankie's walls are thick and she has them for extremely good reasons. With her past, she doesn't stay planted in one place for long, and aside from George and Sam, she's a loner in the world -- better to keep her hidden from her past, and all that jazz.

What Holly Mortimer does extremely well this go around is her suspense. From the nightmare/remembering in the first moments of the book, to the big boom of the story, you're gripped in Frankie's fight. Hardy and his alpha tears grip you, too, and you can't help but feel for this broken man who hides his feelings oh-so-well.

The one small issue I had with the writing, which I don't recall noticing in BLINDSIDED, was that Holly, on occasion, would switch between past and present tenses (example {not in the book but my own example} "I grabbed my cup and went to the table. I sit and pick up the newspaper..."). These instances were about the only time I found myself drawing out of the story, simply because they confuse my brain a little bit. 

Beyond that, though, this story was incredibly gripping, well written, and you can't help but root for Hardy and Frankie. I have a feeling, though, that book three will be just as exciting. I'm very curious about this Brennan character that shows up at the end... Why, exactly, does Sam need you, pray tell...

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BLINDSIDED 4.5★ { review }

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