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review || RESCUED { blog tour } by Phoebe Rose

Self-Published | November 10, 2015 | New Adult Romance
Alley Kitten, book 1


Twenty-three year old startup founder Thomas York has no time for dating. And even less time to to deal with the litter of (adorable) stray kittens who’ve claimed his patio as their new home. But when Tessa — a passionate animal rescue volunteer — shows up to help, even Thomas can’t deny the mad attraction between them.

A born nurturer, Tessa Cantalupe’s used to caring for everyone but herself. Time and again she falls for guys who shred her soul. Will Thomas be yet another scar on Tessa’s heart, or is there a good guy underneath all the bluster and ambition? And will she dare to let him rescue her?

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Phoebe  Rose

Phoebe Rose is a proud member of Team Cat. She lives in a secret lair, deep inside a blackberry bramble in Seattle, where she’s currently weaving a new Urban Fantasy series as well as a New Adult Romance series. Coffee is her second-best friend.

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This was definitely a cute start for a new author and a new series. I loved geeky Thomas. He was a video gamer who founded a fitness game, and with it, he's now residing on what we will soon learn to be considered "snob hill". When he sees an orange cat hanging out on his patio, he befriends it only to find out the small cat is actually a mama. Over his head at that point, he makes some phone calls so someone can come rescue his 'cloud of kittens' (I cracked up over that...).

He has an opinion of this Contessa who will show up at his door, and the Tessa he opens his door to is not it.

Tessa is fun and flirty. She doesn't believe in scrubby clothes and will go on rescues in a skirt and heels -- it's just who she is. She loves animals and finds time to work with the rescue all while working on school work. And... she doesn't really believe much in love any longer (granted, who she thought was her boyfriend was really quite the d.b. if you ask me). I loved that Thomas found her intriguing, even when she labeled him quickly during their first meeting.

Outside of the rescue, the growing friendship/relationship of Thomas and Tess was definitely fun. It had it's ups and downs, was pretty quick, and at times bordered more on friendship for me, but RESCUED was still an enjoyable read. The dialogue felt extremely real for the ages of our characters, and the plot line was enjoyable, believable, and realistic. For me personally, however, there was a little disconnect between the last chapters, and the last one itself felt a bit rushed.

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